Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ep 30: Keeping Up the Creating

  • Hello stART listeners! We are back again sharing updates on our creative projects. It's our last episode for April and we are hoping to really be done with winter by the next time we chat with you! Until then, we share our creating, drawing and flowers, home and food, sweaters and lists! Enjoy.
  • As always, there is some show and tell to the shows so make sure to watch our video version which will be up here as well as on YouTube. We are keeping to creative updates and looking to what we are working on in the future, which keeps the podcast to about 30 minutes which has really been working for us - we hope you enjoy it that way too.
  • On this episode we mention: Shannon's The Sweater Project 2014, Jamie's recent episode of Creative Living Bookshelf and Suzie's Blue Hawaiian Cupcakes.
Where to find us:
We'll be back in 2 weeks to share what we've been up to and thinking about.

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