Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ep 60: Impressions, Personal Art History and Changing Habits

  • Hello Listeners and Viewers!
  • We are back! Thank you for your patience between episodes and we have tons of creative goodness to share with you on this episode of stART! In this episode we share thoughts enjoying doing certain arts (or not), getting into or representing things in 3 dimensions, keeping to our practices even thought busy times and starting up new habits. We also have a huge tangent in this one as we talk about our personal art histories as it's a theme Jamie is exploring. We would love to hear about your personal art histories, too. As always, we talk through projects and challenges and cheer each other on in our creative endeavours.
  • In this episode we mention: Carla Sonheim's Y is for Yellow Class, Syllabus, Lisa Congdon's Daily Drawing Challenge Class, Pottery and the Koi 24 Colours Watercolour set with Water Pen and Suzie promises a Taste Testing video on her YouTube channel very soon.
  • Have an awesome holiday season and a happy and safe new year.
  • See you in 2016.
  • Remember, you can always watch on our YouTube channel or listen on SoundCloud here. You can watch and listen any way you like. Enjoy.
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