Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Creative Update: Suzie

Flattened Fork Pendant

Over the last week I did a post on my flattened fork pendant.

I recorded my Beadaholique Mystery Box Reveal.

I made and edited down a simplified version of a brain slug deconstruction video. It taught me a lot, including rethinking making my spatz video. Still not sure about that one.

Then I wanted to make Jamie and Shannon a basic photo editing tutorial and didn't realize it would not record sound. Ugh! So I turned it into a food photography editing tutorial instead that many people could watch.

I felt much more comfortable doing this sort of video. Why? Number 1: I wasn't on camera. Number 2: I really know a lot about this subject and feel confident talking about it. Interesting...

I guess video is really on my mind and creative agenda because I also did a vlog this week. I am most self-conscious in some ways doing these, never knowing if people really enjoy them or not. I do like doing them but when it is just me, it makes me nervous. But that can be a good thing.

I am still not sure I feel comfortable enough doing a video really talking about patterns so I might just finish my spat on my own so I can start wearing them. I have been trying to crochet for a couple of days now and I keep screwing up the very basics so my confidence level is not very high.

That's my update!

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